a universal educational programme for increasing mental health literacy

On My Mind

The On My Mind is a universal educational programme for increasing mental health literacy and was developed to be integrated in diverse cultural, structural, and school contexts.

The curriculum consists of 18 lesson plans and is designed to be delivered over the course of a school year by trained teachers following a detailed manual. 

On My Mind is based on the following principles: evidence-based, collaborative, positive and sustainable.

The programme was developed to support young people in:

Positive mental health literacy, which focuses on developing and maintaining optimal mental well-being, is a core element of the lessons and teacher training. The curriculum is designed to meet the developmental needs of 11-13 years old students and is delivered in the form of experiential, educational activities, and discussions, with the teacher as a guide.

Benefits of Mental Health Literacy






The On My Mind educational programme, aimed at increasing mental health literacy, was developed by the National Institute of Mental Health’s Working Group on Child and Adolescent Mental Health Research in collaboration with Czech and international experts from government, education and mental health sectors.

The programme is already implemented by more than 60 schools in the Czech Republic.

If you are interested in implementing the On My Mind programme in your country, please contact our coordinator below for more information.


On My Mind consist of 18 lessons divided into 5 topics (1 lesson/45 minutes):

Mental Health

1: Health
2: Mental Health
3: Brain and hormones
4: Stress in our bodies

Students are introduced to the program and learn about mental well-being and the effect of stress and hormones on mental health.

Emotional literacy

5: Emotions
6: Emotional regulation
7: Thoughts
8: Behaviour

Students learn to notice and name their emotions and thoughts and recognize the impact on behaviour. Students are guided in practices improving their ability to regulate their emotions and behaviour.


9: Knowing myself
10: Relationships with others
11: Building empathy

Students realise the importance of relationships both with self and others, and learn healthy relationship skills including developing and practising empathy, respect, and kindness.


12: Communication basics
13: Communicating emotions
14: Healthy communication

Students deepen their communication skills, learn to better deal with conflicts and challenging situations and realise their agency in behaviours and communication strategies.

Mental health first aid

15: It’s OK not to be OK
16: Mental health care
17: Seeking help
18: My Mental Health Plan

Students learn signs and symptoms of mental health problems, types of mental health care, and help-seeking knowledge and resources. In the end, each student creates an individualized mental health plan.

The curriculum is intended to be delivered over the course of a school year with a consistent teacher and class, averaging one lesson plan per week. The knowledge and skills students learn are built upon in subsequent lessons.

Each lesson teaches students 3 key takeaways using a variety of teaching methods including lectures, experiential exercises, individual, pair or group activities, practices, reflection, observation and discussion. After each lesson students journal 3 key takeaways and 1 personal discovery. Journal. Every lesson ends with an experiment, giving students encouragement to actively practice mental health promoting practices over the course of the week.

What do teachers and students who have already gone through the programme have to say about On My Mind?

Teacher training

All teachers of the On My Mind programme are provided with comprehensive 24 hour training (3 days), manual with the necessary theoretical and practical context and journals for students. It includes 18 lessons with detailed information on how to deliver the lesson and what to do in it.

Training objectives:

The ideal candidate is:

Master Training

The process of becoming a Master Trainer is intended and designed for teacher trainers from organizations who want to scale their impact. Once the feasibility, effectiveness, and scalability of On My Mind has been tested and proven successful in each context, there is the possibility of nominating teacher trainers to graduate to Master Trainers. The On My Mind Master Training is designed following a train-the -trainer (tot) model, whereby devoted trainers become subject experts in mental health literacy and take on the responsibility of ensuring fidelity in implementation of the program in their given context over a long-term collaboration with the National Institute of Mental Health, Czech Republic. 

Contact us

Email us at dzda@nudz.cz.

You can also contact our coordinator:

Magdalena Lukasová

tel: +420 774 410 192

This programme was created with the support of the RSJ Foundation Czech Republic and the EEA Grants 2014-2021.